Adam Fraser – First Year Apprentice

I started my Apprenticeship in July and I have to say it’s been an amazing experience. I have learned so much about autocare and what the trade is about. My confidence has grown massively due to dealing with customers on a daily basis. I really do enjoy my Apprenticeship and I take pride in everything I do in and around the branch. My work mates have become a second family. They have always helped me when I am stuck or confused with something. This Apprenticeship has been the greatest opportunity I have had. I can’t wait to progress in my learning.

Callum Hand – Second Year Apprentice

I did work experience for a week at National Tyres an Autocare when I was 15. I enjoyed it so much that I applied for an apprenticeship and I was successful.

I really enjoy working for National Tyres and Autocare and I would definitely recommend anybody wanting a career working with cars to apply for an apprenticeship at National Tyres and Autocare.

Mason Dugmore – Second Year apprentice

Becoming an apprentice at National Tyres has extremely broadened my knowledge and skills in the motor industry. During the time I have so far spent at National Tyres and Autocare I have gained a lot of skills to help me in life and the career I would like to pursue in the trade of motoring and fast fit. My first course was learning all about the company itself and mainly tyres like how to fit them and all the information you could possibly need to know about them, this was extremely helpful as the following week I would be in my branch for the first time. Still fresh out of school I must admit I felt a bit nervous but as soon as I met my Branch Manager and team I felt instantly comfortable, they made me feel like a professional in seconds. Everyone in the company is so helpful and informative from the team of Human Resources, to the training staff and your colleagues who you work with. I plan to continue with the company after my apprenticeship and aim to become a Branch Manager, as this is what I am being trained for. In the mean time I will carry on enjoying the time I'm having being an apprentice and continue learning and progressing. I would strongly advise and recommend an apprenticeship with National Tyres to anyone interested or wanting to find a career in the motor vehicle mechanics industry.

Darius Harrison – Assistant Branch Manager

I started my apprenticeship, at National Tyres in July 2014 just before my 16th birthday. I had no previous experience working in a fast-fit industry as I just left school. The reason I applied to work here was because, I was interested in learning new skills and qualifications for myself. Since working here my knowledge has increased so fast and the training I have received from the trainers and my manager in branch has been excellent. The opportunities you have to progress here are like no other company. Since completing my Apprenticeship I have now been promoted to Assistant Branch Manager. There is opportunity for everyone in this company, there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can become.

Connor Bide – Assistant Branch Manager

During my time in National Tyres I have learnt so many things that I will progress into the future. The Apprenticeship scheme is very good and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get into the motor industry. The Trainers are very good at explaining things you need to know and helping you every step of the way. Everyone is always willing to help you go further and further in the company and always give you advice on things you can do further in your career with the company. I will continue to progress through the company with the help from work mates, training staff and the Regional Manager to always work to the best of my ability.

In October 2015, I attended the IMI awards at Silverstone. I was shocked and pleased to be selected out of 30,000 apprentices to be nominated for an award. I was delighted to win the ‘Outstanding achievers award’ which was presented to me by Prince Michael of Kent. It was a fantastic experience and a privilege to be there.

It's a great pleasure to work for National Tyres and Autocare and I am really pleased to have been promoted to Assistant Branch Manager after I completed my Apprenticeship. I can see myself hopefully being a Manager in the future.

Ann Marie Birdsey – Assistant Branch Manager

Since finishing my Apprenticeship, my knowledge of fast fit repair is continually progressing. My colleagues still continue to help me improve my knowledge. I am now the Assistant Branch Manager at the Manchester branch. I assist the Branch Manager in dealing with office duties, staff management, dealing with customers and also the day to day fitting work. The role is challenging but with the help and support of my Branch Manager and colleagues, I know I will continue to progress and succeed. By doing my Apprenticeship with National Tyres and Autocare, I am confident that the technical training given has made me confident in what I do within the branch. I hope to progress in further management.